Fuel Cell Systems

From first concept to SOP

Hydrogen and fuel cells can be the backbone of future mobility, allowing easy storage of renewable energy and emission-free mobility.

Fuel Cell System Development

FEV has demonstrated its experience with fuel cell system development in various major projects. Its services include the development and design, buildup, vehicle integration, commissioning, calibration and testing of components as well as of complete fuel cell systems. Their application can range from subcompact class cars to commercial trucks and railroad trains. FEV has a strong background in powertrain dimensioning by means of simulations on vehicle level to find the optimal sizing of the drive train, the fuel cell system and the battery. In a subsequent step, the design of the fuel cell system is aided by more detailed simulations on fuel cell system level or 3D-simulations on component level.

Based on an economic evaluation of the individual case, market-available products can be selected or tailor-made components can be developed. The long experience as well as the direct and extensive network throughout the market make FEV a qualified partner for supplier management from concept phase to SOP. During the entire design and development process, FEV pays special attention to vehicle-specific technical and legal requirements.

FEV Fiat Breeze
Aachen fuel station
Aachen fuel station detail

Fuel Cell System Testing

FEV operates five dedicated fuel cell test benches allowing testing of fuel cell systems of up to 200 kW system power in a standardized process. Environmental conditions can be varied across a wide range between -40 °C and +120 °C with the relative humidity ranging from 10 to 98 %. Large-scale hydrogen infrastructure and supply offer continuous and cost-efficient operation of systems of all sizes. Hydrogen can either be delivered from trailers or bundles. The possibility to precisely create tailor-made gas mixtures directly in the test bench allows testing fuel cells with various fuel qualities.

Fuel Cell Control System Development

FEV established a fuel cell system plant model library in year 2000 which has been continuously improved upon. The comprehensive structure includes FC system control on system, subsystem and actuator level. The modular approach facilitates adaption of the software to a variety of systems and topologies.

The wide experience in operating a variety of fuel cell systems enables FEV to define the best fuel cell system for your application and to develop a tailor-made operation and control strategy for your fuel cell system.

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